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Home Renovation: Should You Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Professional?

If you’re planning on buying a “fixer-upper home, “you’ll likely spend a lot of money on various home improvement projects. In most cases, labor accounts for a significant portion of the cost of a home repair or renovation project. It can add up to around 30% to 35% of the total cost of a kitchen or bathroom renovation cost.

Even though you can do it yourself, it’s still not always the best idea to do it yourself. Some jobs are more challenging than others.

Considerations When Choosing a Home Renovation Job to DIY

Before you start working on a home improvement project, it’s essential that you thoroughly audit it. Doing so will allow you to save a lot of time and effort. There are four things to keep in mind.


Do you have the time to focus on home remodeling? It’s a good idea to start by taking a few days to write down what you can do to keep track of your time. 

For instance, if you have kids or pets, you might be working on a side hustle that consumes most of your evening. Then, identify other activities that can take your time away from the project.

Cost Savings

Most contractors will give you a quote through their website or by calling or emailing. Before you start working on a home improvement project, it’s vital that you thoroughly audit it. 

It will allow you to save a lot of time, money, and effort. One of the essential factors you should consider is the cost of doing it yourself.

Ability to Adjust

A home renovation project can take longer than expected. For instance, if you planned on having a room that’s inaccessible for a certain amount of time, but the repairs might take a month or more, can you deal with the inconvenience?

Finished Product

Voltaire, a philosopher, is widely acknowledged as saying that “perfect is the rival of the good.” It applies to home renovations. Are you okay with your project is good enough, or will nothing less than perfection be achieved?

How to Decide Whether You Will DIY the Home Renovation Job?

Before you start a project, you must ask yourself: What would happen if I messed it up? For instance, if you’re planning on doing major electrical work, such as replacing a roof, you might ask yourself, “Would I get killed if I get hurt?” It is a clear warning sign that this is a risky job that requires a professional.

Moving bathroom fixtures is one of the most common jobs that can cause a home to collapse. A mistake on this job could lead to a water leak, which could cause the walls to collapse. Although plumbers can make mistakes, they may also be held liable for the damage.

Getting a building permit is one of the most common steps when doing home improvement projects. This document is a requirement by the local building codes and is a safety measure that you can use safely. However, in some areas, getting one is not always possible unless you work with a licensed contractor. Having one signifies that the job is too complicated for an amateur.

One of the most common jobs we decided not to do was replacing our water heater. It was a risky project, as it could cause an explosion or fire. We also chose not to do other jobs that involve cutting into gas lines.

Pros and Cons of DIY Home Renovation

In most cases, home renovation can be cheaper than it would be if done by a professional contractor. Contract labor costs can range from around $30 to $125 per hour, and their work can add up to thousands of dollars. Doing it yourself can save you a lot of money.

You can set your schedule and ensure the renovation is excellent instead of an essential fix. For instance, you might have an extensive work report that needs completion in the next couple of weeks, which could allow you to delay the start of the project.

Doing home renovations without a professional contractor can be risky. In addition to not knowing what you’re doing, you might end up doing something that damages the walls or the lighting fixtures of your house.

Mistakes can also add to the cost of the project. After all, if you make a mistake, you might spend more on repairs.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Contractor to Do Home Renovations

One of the fundamental factors that you should consider when choosing a professional for your home renovation is the potential increase in value. 

Minor home renovations, such as kitchen remodeling, can help you recoup most of your investment. In addition, replacing windows and roofs can improve the value of your house. Having the basics in place can give you peace of mind when buying a home.

A professional home renovation project typically costs more than a simple home improvement. For instance, kitchen remodeling could cost you around $25,000. A professional would likely perform various tasks, such as replacing laminate countertops and installing a new sink and faucet.

You might have to rearrange your life if you plan on carrying out a significant home renovation project. For instance, if you make substantial structural changes, you might have to stay out of your house. You might also have to consider staying at a hotel while the work is ongoing. An extra week or two might seem inconvenient, but you must comply.


Many factors go into choosing between hiring a contractor or doing it yourself, and it’s a careful balance between money and the quality of work you want. These include faster turnaround times, better safety, and fewer headaches. Despite the higher cost, many homeowners still choose to hire a professional.

One of the most significant advantages of doing it yourself is showing off a job that you’ve done yourself. If nothing else, it’s the thrill of showing off your finished basement to your friends. Even though the cost savings are minimal, you’ll still be able to make up for all of the time that you put into it.