December 5, 2017

Platinum Renovation Services wishes you an advance Merry Christmas


‘Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas’ is about to knock our doors, and everybody feels excited to celebrate.


Staten Island Home RenovationStaten Island Home Renovation wishes a happy Christmas to all. No other organization has gained so much reputation over so short period of time as Platinum Renovation Services has achieved in the business of offering high-quality service. We deal with selling superb quality building products and we also contract their respective installation. We always look forward to catering our best customer service so that our clients should get the best value for their money.

Platinum Renovation Services has always remained committed to providing matchless service and will continue to do so in the future as well by raising the standards of quality and integrity of service. It is a hard fact that in this industry these values are not adhered to but we declare that we do.


Here is given a list of some important things that we can do for you:


It is unbelievable that even small renovations, many a time, can bring about big changes in the overall picture of the house. Apart from facilitating the home dwellers in domestic activities they make living a lot more convenient. But it is necessary to find out the most appropriate changes to be made and how to do them.

*    For example, removing of an unnecessary wall existing between two small compartments will create additional space to be used for other activities.

*   It will definitely give a fresh look to your house just by replacing old and worn out weatherboards or the window sills. An improvement in pool area surfaces or in the exterior of the house does add to the aesthetics of your home.

*      There is a long list of home renovations. Some of them are, like replacing light fixtures, trimmings, and modification of doors.

As it has been stated above there are a tremendous number of renovations that can be usefully done in the house to make it look more gracious and enhance the comforts of living. We have got the potential and manpower to bring about the renovations to the desired choice.

For instance:

  • The creation of more open space between the two adjoining small rooms can be done for a better view and comfortable living. It can be done with the help of suitable planning and removing the unwanted walls or other obstructions.
  • The outdoor areas of the house can be rejuvenated with the addition or renewal of pools. By decking and tiling of the verandas or balconies will surely give a better appearance to the building.
  •  It is possible that the bathrooms, laundries, and staircases of the house are not exactly where they ought to have been. Therefore their relocation or changing can help in a big way to give a fresh feeling in the house.
  • All the constructions done initially may not have remained as useful as they were planned in the past and now the time has reached to make some meaningful changes to make living better. Some curved roofs and walls, for instance, may need to be replaced.
  • The material and means for construction being used in the past have undergone big changes today and a lot more modified material is in use, which is durable and presents a glorious appearance. So by using this unique material and countless decorative edifices such as trees and many other pieces an old house can be made an entirely new and comfortable.


 We pride ourselves on creating real values and carry them forward.

Our honesty is beyond question. We always work hard to the great satisfaction of the client.

We work well and show our best under all situations.

We do feel proud of our achievements and always strive for excellence in the future.

We respect our client’s property and work with utmost care attention.