August 15, 2014

Perfect Color: How Colors Impact Your Room

Standing in your local paint store or home center can confuse the most focused person, without a doubt. Color psychology says that there are reasons that hospitals and doctor’s waiting rooms are green, the color is relaxing. How many sports gyms have you seen using the color blue?

Here is a bit of interesting information on basic color schemes.

  1. Red is a very intense color which is sometimes used as an accent color. It’s vibrant, stimulating and powerful. Red is an emotional color that harkens the romantic. It is said that red is not a color you want to wear when you’re in business negotiations, and that car thieves look for this color automobile. Pink, a family “red” member, is a romantic color and can be used successfully on walls, ceilings, as a trim or all-over theme. 
  2. The color Blue can be used in any decor scheme. Blue is a tranquil color…the sky…the ocean…blue has a softness to it in its many lighter shades and a grandness to its deeper, darker tones such as Royal Blue, Navy Blue and Midnight Blue. Blue denotes loyalty. (From a decorating standpoint, blue fades so be sure that you keep that in mind when using it as a fabric in a room with sunny exposure!)
  3. Nature is all around us and Green is in the spotlight here. TV studios have their guests wait in “Green Rooms” because the color is calming. Hospitals use the color because it’s relaxing. Many fabrics are woven with multiple shades of green foliage. The serenity of the outdoors on a beautiful day doesn’t get much more relaxing than that.
  4. Yellow is a cheery, optimistic color choice. It warms a room, imbues the strength of the sun and brightens your day. But, babies cry in yellow rooms (so the psychologists say) and can often be harsh if it’s not used in a decorating scheme properly. A yellow ceiling is a great accent. (FYI: Yellow is thought to enhance your concentration which is why legal pads are yellow!)
  5. Royalty, wealth, luxury and sophisticated…that is how the color Purple is viewed(Although Oprah Winfrey mighht disagree having starred in the movie bearing its name.) But, be careful how you use this color. Accents in artwork, pillows, and other small objects are great, but Lavender or Lilac might be a better choice for walls.
  6. Many men say that Brown  is their favorite color, perhaps because they played in mud as children. Leather and wood is typically brown, and it gives a richness to any room. Brown is authoratative, earthy and a reliable color. Look for the many shades of camel, beige, cream, ivory, khaki and other softer more subtle shades when choosing something from the brown group.
  7. The color Black stands for authority. It makes people look thinner. Black is a timeless color in that, in its absence of color goes well with almost any other color. Black can be use with great impact in a room that is contemporary in style or class in charm such as French Toile. A black accent wall can really give a puch to a room or your might consider shades of charcoal.
  8. Last, but certainly not least is the color White implies purity, simplicity, and also works with any color. Doctors and nurses wear white to imply a cleanliness and sterility. But, white tends to soil easily and therefore is often used for ceilings or accents. White also gives a larger appearance to rooms and is often a favorite for kitchen cabinetry. It “goes with everything.”